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Self-Care Skills Therapy Group

Do you struggle with knowing what you need and want?

Are you more comfortable helping others than focusing on yourself?
Do you have difficulty accessing and expressing your anger appropriately?
Do you often feel exhausted and overwhelmed, like you are just surviving?
Do you have problems with boundaries protecting your time, energy, attention from work or relationships?
Have you been procrastinating attending to your health, emotions, dreams or serenity?
If the answer is “yes” to any or all of the above questions then participating in this 10-week therapy group may be an opportunity for change for you!
In a safe and warm environment, Maricelle Sheldon will guide you in a group process focused on building self-care skills that you can begin implementing and then master on your own. Utilizing somatic practices, art
interventions and action therapy techniques we will discover your motivation to make choices that empower you, exploring your barriers and more importantly what feels nourishing, supportive and sustainable. With Maricelle’s expertise and the added accountability of others on this wellness journey, you can transform and let go of what no longer serves you, investing your own energy in action that lights you up!

Committing to all 10 sessions are required to ensure group cohesion and safety.
An online group process will begin:
Monday September 9, 1-2:30pm weekly

An in person offering will begin:
Tuesday, September 10, 6-7:30pm weekly

Cost: $500 for 10 sessions or 2 payments of $260
For registration and further information contact:
Maricelle Sheldon (717) 468-3434 [email protected]

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Private Pay:

I am committed to providing quality care determined by the individual needs.

I do not participate in insurance but will provide statements for insurance reimbursment for all clients.


Contact me about sliding scale fees available.

  • $225.00 Initial Evaluation
  • $140.00 Individual session (50 minutes)
  • $160.00 Family Session (50 minutes)